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Another world is possible

It's not my revolution if I can't dance

Will you just take it easy, man?
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How Gate Gourmet and British Airways screwed their workers - a classic example of "the legal chicaneries that companies use to blindfold us to their real actions." - corporatewatch.org.uk


When talking to an acquaintance about the wrongdoings of a particular corporation, I find it incredibly frustrating when the reply recieved is "well that's awful, but all those companies do bad things."

First of all, isn't this proof that the economic model in place is inherently incapable of being just? Certain companies are worthy of high-profile boycotts for their extreme crimes against humanity - Coke, Nestlé, Nike, Shell, Esso, Mcdonalds, so on and so on - but the fact that corporations of a decent size are always up to no good is all the more reason to oppose as many of them as possible and throw the corporate model off our planet, not a reason to not oppose the worst of those offenders.

I believe in my quest for self-improvement, whatever that may consist of.

Secondly, the fact that this response is so frequently recieved and understood shows that most people are well aware that our system is unfair. We are strong and we are the majority.

A well known saying is that you "need money to make money" - how can anyone percieve this as fair? It's hard starting a business and easy when your business is rich. Rich companies can afford the best lawyers and advertising and scientists and have the most outreach to shoo off those activists that attack them. This is how we get monopolies. Once Tesco and Wal-Mart get rich it's easy for them to continue getting richer. It should be easy to get a business going and more difficult as your company gets more wealthy.

It creeps into increasing areas of public life, and will continue to do so because geographically it has run out of places to go. But this gives it inherent weakness. It allows it to be attacked from all sides, resisted in every way. It is an opposition to the system and the people who most benefit from it. The system may be incapable of good, but that doesn't mean those within it are free of guilt. Those who doubt the existance of a market forces empire operating through "developed" countries should realise that European empires of past centuries were mainly the result of pirates and oceanic criminals from those countries doing their own evils, the governments only getting on board later. The blood squeezed from the poor parts of our world today is no different.

Of course it isn't. It is a way for the rich to get richer at the expense of the poor. Sweatshop wages are blindingly obvious proof of this. If companies believed their excuses they'd pay their workers in Indonesia the same as the required minimum wages in the wealthiest countries. It has devastated the planet of resources. I'm sure I am not alone in thinking the discovery of fossil fuels was probably the worst thing to happen to humanity.


If we don't do something now,
Don't ever find our voice
We'll be overrun by things in time
And we may lose our minds...
To those we now support blindly
-Fireapple Red - "Buy Yourself"

You could call it anger
You could call it fear
You could call it frustration
-Minor Threat - "Little Friend"

The course of human progress staggers like a drunk
It's steps are quick and heavy and it's mind is slow and blunt
-Operation Ivy - "Freeze Up"

Until we try how will we know? How will we know until we try?
So let's say we give it a go - to find the world that we're looking for
-Pennywise - "Wouldn't It Be Nice"

Your possessions have possessed you, you're afraid of what's inside
Talk of benefits and tell me what I need
The benefits of an abstract world, the benefits are free

And I can't stand to see the waste.
No more of your store away then throw away mentality.
-Smoke Or Fire - "Southpaw"

I hope that you never lose the fire
-Stiff Little Fingers - "Hope Street"

"Were anyone to ask me what the point of this work is, I would reply that it’s to cause as much trouble as possible, in the hope of creating a less violent world."
-George Monbiot - In Defence of Trouble

For every person and body I hear of that disgusts me there is someone who I trust, who teaches me, who inspires me, who understands me, who stands by me and who I stand by. We are not outnumbered and we will win.